Onshore Rather Than Offshore

Europe rather than the Caribbean

The respective Funds offered via the Platform are transparent in terms of taxation and are subject to the German Investment Act.
"It comes as no surprise that the German market is a suitable location factor for alternative investments. The impact of the financial crisis has increased institutional customers' need for transparent, local solutions to the provision of security and the highest possible level of liquidity.”  
Yasin Sebastian Qureshi, Managing Director & Founder

Varengold Investment AG eliminates the operational risks with which alternative investments are frequently associated:

  • Segregation of assets – no transfer of money to Asset Managers
  • Assets are held exclusively with prestigious financial institutions
  • Evaluation performed by independent parties

The Varengold Manager Platform: a structure under German law

Varengold Manager Platform -v- Offshore Asset Manager

Varengold Manager-Platform

Offshore Asset Manager


No lock-ups

Generally monthly, quarterly lock-up agreement;                                                                


Complete transparency right down to the level of the individual transaction

Daily NAV

Detailed reporting

Tax transparency in accordance with the German Investment Tax Act (InvStG)

Lack of transparency for individual transactions

Generally monthly NAV

Transparency generally in accordance with the German Investment Tax Act (InvStG)


Independent risk management provided by Varengold

Portfolios checked daily

Investment guidelines monitored daily

Early detection of “style drifts” and “trading errors”

Risk management is provided directly by the Administrator

Conflicts of interest between risk and return

Very difficult to detect “style drifts”


German legal certainty

Segregation of assets – no transfer of money to Asset Managers

Unrestricted intervention by Varengold possible

Legal uncertainty of offshore domiciles

At present, money is transferred directly to Asset Managers